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Hydrovac Excavation

Our Hydrovac vehicles allow us to excavate in locations where mechanical excavation would not be safe, feasible or practical. This method of excavating uses water pressure to liquefy the soil and then a high-powered vacuum removes it to an on board storage tank. Hydrovac excavation prevents damage to buried utilities that can be caused by mechanical excavation. Hydrovac is the only approved method to dig around sensitive underground structures, such as electrical, gas, water, sewer, telephone, and fibre systems. In Ontario it is unlawful to use an excavator or other earth mover within 1 metre of any underground utility.
Our most common tasks:
Utility pole installation or repair
Utility daylighting and potholing
Repair service pits
Slot trenching
Water box repairs
Excavating in frost
Hydrovac is a great way to keep your project running on time with minimal interruption to the work site or surrounding area.
Hapamp Hydrovac on site
Hapamp Hydrovac at Work
Hydrovac Light Pole
Hapamp Hydrovac On Site
Hapamp Hydrovac at Work
Hydrovac Light Pole
Hapamp Hydrovac On Site
Hapamp Hydrovac at Work
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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling enables Hapamp to perform trench less underground installations with
minimal disruption to surfaces and above ground activity.
Directional drilling is ideal for:
Installation of gas, electric, water and telecommunications
Boring under roads, landscaping, water crossings, paved areas, electric, and water services
Ensuring minimal environmental disruption
Installations in diverse ground conditions

Utility Repairs & Installations

We can complete any trenching and excavating task you require. Our specialty is the placement of utility
infrastructure, this includes the installation of underground communication cables, hydro and natural gas.
We also have extensive experience in the installation and repair of water services.
  • cable
  • hydro pole standing
  • hydro splicing
  • hydro installation
  • water line installation
  • water line repair
  • trenching
  • private utility locating                                            *does not cover public areas, please contact ON1Call


While Ontario One Call operates the notification system for buried infrastructure, it’s the responsibility of homeowners to have the following types of infrastructure marked:

  • Gas line that goes from a house to a BBQ or pool heater
  • Lights or signs on the property
  • Electrical lines going out to sheds or a detached garage
  • Sewer and septic tanks, systems and piping
  • Telecom or electrical lines feeding security cameras
Hapamp Utility Installation

Pipe Fusion

We are 1 of 3 companies certified in Ontario for PVC Fusion and have a team of professionals with over 18 years of experience in the field. When you have pipe that you need to fuse together, it’s important to choose the right
type of pipe fusion method for your project to be a success. Hapamp is proud to offer plastic fusion with certified operators trained in both HDPE, or High-density Polyethylene and PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride.
Butt Fusion is the most common method of fusing HDPE pipes. The ends of polyethylene pipe when heated and brought together under pressure with specialized equipment form one continuous “leak proof” pipeline. Properly made, a pipe fusion is as strong as the pipe itself and has the same life expectancy.
Currently offering:
HDPE Butt Fusion1 ¼” up to 18in diameter
PVC Butt Fusion 4” up to 16” in diameter

Safety & Compliance

Hapamp is a member of several compliance companies including ISNetworld and has yearly Safety Management Audits. Hapamp takes great pride in our employees and makes their safety and the safety of those around our job site our priority. All our team members receive up-to-date safety training on a regular basis.
Simcoe County Heavy Construction Association

Hapamp provides its employees with extensive training. Our comprehensive training includes but is not limited to:

    • Occupational Health & Safety Act Review
    • JHSC Certification
    • Worker/Supervisor H&S Awareness in 5 Steps
    • Electrical Utility Safety Rules Review
    • Hapamp’s Safety Manual Review
    • Standard First Aid, CPR
    • Bucket Evacuation & Rescue
    • WHMIS
    • Fire Extinguisher Use
    • Locator Training
    • TDG for Ground Transport (Road)
    • Work Area Traffic Protection (Book 7)
    • Working at Heights – Fall Arrest
    • Load Security for Vehicles
      • Electrical Safety Awareness
      • Alectra CVP
      • Electrical Splicing
      • High Voltage Rubber Gloves
      • Enbridge Training – JUT
      • Confined Space Entry
      • Bell Manhole
      • Bucket Training
      • Boom Training
      • Truck Mounted Crane Training
      • Fork Lift Training
      • Fusion Yearly Review
      • Drill School – Vermeer
      • ALA – Alternate Locate Agreement Training

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